The small pearly Me bead

The bead is a symbol of a human being. It's small, because in the universe a human being is smaller than a touch of dust. God created a human as an image of Him. That's why the Me bead is pearly like a real pearl in a shell. In the eyes of God a human being is irreplaceable and precious. The pearly bead reflects your image, and when you look at it, you may wonder what is there which is sacred. As you look in the pearly bead, it reflects also the image of other people who are near you. And when you look at your neighbour, you can see an irreplaceable and precious human being too.

You are an image of God, even if a vanishing, fragile and wounded one. You are precious. You are not alone in the world. When you look at your neighbour, you can see an image of God in him or her as well. You may pray: You created me as Your own image. Let me see Your image in myself.