The oval colourless Silence bead

The oval bead is a sign of silence and peace. It takes time to settle down and give room for the silence to come in oneself. That's why the bead is rather long than round. The bead has no colour, and it has not been polished. There is nothing needed in the silence. No words, no thouhgts, no feelings. You may just be there, quietly, in total harmony. There are many beads of the silence, they are needed for the time to relax and quiet down.

Our thoughts are limited and words only for the visible world. At this moment you donít have to think, you donít need any words, you donít have to feel anything. There is no need to do anything. You can just be where you are, in peace. Let the time pass. Rest in the silence. You may pray:
I give away my loneliness. I receive that I am Yours.
(Iím breathing out my loneliness. Iím breathing in, that Iím Yours.)