Pearls of Life prayers

The golden bead of God
Life is a wonder. That something exists at all, is a wonder. Learn to wonder. Learn to trust. If God exists, there is nothing insignificant, hopeless or meaningless. You may pray: You are immense, You are near, You are the light and I am Yours.

The oblong colourless beads of Silence
Our thoughts are limited and words only for the visible world. At this moment you don’t have to think, you don’t need any words, you don’t have to feel anything. There is no need to do anything. You can just be where you are, in peace. Let the time pass. Rest in the silence. You may pray: I give away my loneliness. I receive that I am Yours.
(I’m breathing out my loneliness. I’m breathing in, that I’m Yours.)

The small pearly I-bead
You are an image of God, even if a vanishing, fragile and wounded one. You are precious. You are not alone in the world. When you look at your neighbour, you can see an image of God in him or her as well. You may pray: You created me as Your own image. Let me see Your image in myself.

The white bead of Baptism
You may leave all your bitter memories and trustfully enter a new life. God knows you and carries you tenderly in His arms. You may pray: You have invited me. In Your hands I commend my life.

The sand-coloured Desert bead
In the desert of life there is suspicion, hopelessness, tiredness, temptations, sadness, fighting. These things are also a part of your life. You may pray: Keep me holy and I will be holy kept. Heal me and I will be healed. Draw me near Yourself, and my heart will have peace. Jesus Christ, give me mercy.

The blue Carefree bead
When you are worried and restless, you may lay down your heavy load, forget your worries and leave them in front of the One who says: ‘Do not worry’ and ‘My peace I give unto you’. You may pray: I give away my load of worries. I receive Your peace.
(I breathe out my worry, I breathe in Your peace.)

The red bead of God's love
In the love of God you may feel yourself accepted and loved. ” For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish.” You may pray: You are mine and I am Yours. Your love is everlasting.

The red bead of Sacrifice
God loves you. You may be like a stone warmed by the sun, giving that warmth around yourself. You can give your sacrifice. You may love and help your neighbour. You may pray for him or her. You may pray: Let me love my neighbour with Your love.

The small pearly beads of my Secrets
You may tell God your personal important and secret things you may not want to tell anyone else. If you cannot find the words you may just be silent. God knows and understands also prayers without a word.
I give thanks / ask for / pray... I think / ask /am happy for... The touch of the bead is a prayer. Lord, You know. Take care…

The black bead of Darkness
There are dark periods in life when you feel lonely and it feels that even God has gone away. But God is faithful. Even in the darkness He will be near you.. He didn’t abandon Jesus, He won’t abandon you either. He will hear you cry and sigh. In the Night He has come nearer you. You may pray: Out of the depths have I cried unto You, oh Lord. Lord, hear my voice. Do not abandon me.

The white Resurrection bead
Breathe in quiet joy and trust. The borderline between life and death, this world and future world, is thin and light. Today the eternity may touch you and God will dry your tears. You may pray: Here is no time. Here is no distance. I have peace in my heart in front of You. Here I want to stay.